Focus on
Quiet canals &
Finishes at
Jan Van Eyckplein

Tour Length
Open: 2hrs
Private: 3hrs

Start the day in style, cozy canals & side streets on the stunning side of Brugge.

The focus of this photo tour is to stay somewhat central but explore the unknown, especially enjoying the landscape and architecture on offer. Your photo guide Andy will point out interesting details and give you facts on what you’re seeing to help your shooting time along the way.

More than anything, we’ll be covering plenty of locations, chasing the morning light as it fades. While always here to help your photo knowledge and certainly “showing as we’re going”, note this tour is slightly more about locations than heavy learning as we chase the light.

We finish at the Jan Van Eyckplien, 5min. back to the Burg and/or plenty of lunch spots.

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Open group photo tours offer you a fun & social way to connect with Brugge and some new photo friends.

50€ per photographer, Includes +1 “non camera friend”, max 5 photogs per tour. 2hr tour. Fixed start time.

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Private photo tours are for a fully focused view of Brugge as well as extras like more time & hotel pickup (more info).

200€ per tour, 3 photographers of your choice, +3 “non camera” friends. 3hr tour, Flexible start time.

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