Focus on
Local & quiet
by late light.
Finishes at
by Kruispoort
Tour Length
Open: 2hrs
Private: 3hrs

As the light gets long, step away from the city center & get into the heart of a local Brugge.

This late afternoon tour is focused on showing you the greatest part of Brugge: The places lesser known and the details they hold. We’ll be discovering on a local level the landscapes, details, and side streets that tell the timeless story of this stunning town.

This tour is perhaps the favorite of your guide Andy’s offerings, taking in the heart of discovering the story behind a scene. The focus is on catching the light as it disappears, but at the same time there’s a focus on *seeing* fresh with creative focus.

We finish at the windmills (here), 10 minute walk to the Burg with dinner options on the way.

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Open group photo tours (2hrs. total) offer you a fun & social way to connect with Brugge and some new photo friends.

50€ per photographer, Includes +1 “non camera friend”, max 5 photogs per tour. 2hr tour. Fixed start time.

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Private photo tours are for a fully focused view of Brugge as well as extras like more time & hotel pickup (more info).

200€ per tour, 3 photographers of your choice, +3 “non camera” friends. 3hr tour, Flexible start time.

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Also Available as Open or Private Tour

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