Focus on
Blue hour
& night shooting.
Finishes at
City center
or your hotel.
Tour Length
Private Tour only

3 hour tour

The day is winding down, explore a city lost in time with the lights turned down low.

Brugge at night is simply a sight to behold, both indoors and outside. Equally, it’s a time for personal tastes and pursuits in photography.

Since this tour is offered exclusively as a Private Photo Tour (info) for maximum flexibility and focus, we have our proven evening route or just let us know what you want for your camera. Landscapes, a tour of locations, photo workshop or “a bit of everything” is all possible.

Like all of our photo tours: We’re here to look after you, right down to tripod provided on request.

Please Note: 8pm is the default suggested start time, but we’ll confirm a final start time based on sunset timings & your tastes/goals.

Book as Private Photo Tour

This night tour is available as a private tour only for best focus and use of shooting time.

200€ per 3 hour photo tour, 3 photographers of your choice, +3 “non camera” friends. Flexible start time.

Book a Private Photo Tour


Only one photographer (and perhaps your +1 “non camera” friend)? You’ll get a personally signed premium hardcover edition of Andy’s Being in Brugge photo book! 40€ R.R.P.

Available as Open or Private Tour

Available as Private Tour Only