Focus on
Sights & street in the city center.
Finishes at
Church of our Lady

Tour Length
Open: 2hrs
Private: 3hrs

For this central time of day, join in as we hit the central streets of Brugge!

This afternoon photo tour is about the history and people, at least through the lens. As we walk through the main historic areas of town (Burg/Begijnhof/Old Sint Jan), you’ll get the essential facts on what you’re seeing, both the heart of Brugge and core of photography.

With particular focus on helping you improve your travel and street photography, your photo guide and instructor Andy covers creative travel ideas at the most essential locations of Brugge. Plenty to see, with tips on best angles and ideal times to catch or avoid the crowds.

We finish by Church of Our Lady, plenty nearby & 10 minutes to the Market Square.

Please Note: This tour “sleeps” from October to April as an open tour option, however the Hidden Brugge route runs at at 1pm instead during this time.

Available either as an open group or private tour, see below for details.

Book as Open Photo Tour

Open group tours are offer you a fun & social way to connect with Brugge and some new photo friends.

60€ per photographer

Book as Open Photo Tour
  • 2hr open tour based on “Essential Brugge”.
  • Fixed 1pm start time from the meeting point.
  • Max. 5 photographers per open tour.
  • Brugge map & tips & photo goodies.
  • -10% off Andy’s Being in Brugge photo book.

Book as Private Photo Tour

Private tours offer a fully focused view of Brugge & our time together with the cameras. (more info).

220€ per private tour

Book as Private Photo Tour
  • 3hr private tour based on “Essential” or as you prefer.
  • Flexible start time: 1pm or when you prefer.
  • Flexible meet point; Our usual spot or wherever.
  • Full choice of learning vs. locations.
  • Max. 3 photographers of your choice.
  • Deluxe Brugge map (printed) & tips & photo goodies.
  • Free softcover copy of Andy’s “Being in Brugge” book.

Free +1 “Non Camera” Friend

Both open & private photo tours include the option of bringing one “non camera” friend per photographer at no extra cost.

A +1 “non camera” friend is a partner or friend. While the +1 guest is welcome to listen in, they are allowed absolutely no photo taking themselves including cameraphones.

More info via this FAQ link.

Also Available as Open or Private Tour

Available as Private Tour Only