Central time of day? Let’s hit the central streets of Brugge!

This afternoon tour is about the history and people, at least through the lens.

As we walk through the main historic areas of town, you’ll get the essential facts on what you’re seeing, both the heart of Brugge and core of photography.

The focus for Brugge (Bruges) photography locations is travel and street photography, your guide & instructor Andy covers creative travel ideas at the most essential locations of Brugge. Plenty to see including tips on best angles & ideal times for the crowds.

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A lion statue with the city coat of arms of stands guard in front of the Basilica of the Holy Blood in Bruges Belgium. Photo by Photo Tour Brugge.
A wide angle shot a boats and the view of the "postcard perfect" Rozenhoedkaai in Bruges Belgium. Photo by Photo Tour Brugge.
A wide (and distored) take on the Bruges Stad (city hall), Burg Square. Photo by Photo Tour Brugge.
A detailed panel of Venetian glass in Bruges Belgium, this on picturing Church of Our Lady & an arched canal bridge. Photo by Photo Tour Brugge.
The beautiful Behijnhof (nunnery) of Bruges Belgium in fall, lovely rows of white houses with trees offering a new view with every season. Photo by Photo Tour Brugge.

Tour Times

Open tours: 1pm -> 3pm (2hrs)
Private tours: Fully flexible (3 hrs)

Oct->April: Closed for open tours

Meeting @

Open tours: Burg Square 📍
Private tours: Burg or flexible

Finishes @

Open tours: Church of Our Lady 📍
Private tours: As above or flexible

Prices & Group Sizes

Open tours: 60€ per guest, 4 guests maximum
Private tours: 220€ per tour, 4 guests included

Casual to Pro…

Since 2012 & hosting 2000+ guests, our photo tour is truly suitable to all levels & interests in photography.

From phones to the biggest cameras: We’re here to help. 🙂

+1 “Non Camera” Friend

Both open & private photo tours include the option of bringing one “non camera” friend per photographer at no extra cost.

More info on +1 Non Camera Friend

Brugge Photo Locations

Burg Square, Rozenhoedkaai, Bonifacius Bridge, Begijnhof (as time permits)… and of course many more!

Here to Help

From photos shared on locations to info on where we are to tips & a map at the end of the tour, we’re here to help you make the most of your time in Brugge.

Your Photo Guide: Andy McSweeney

The one who started all this photo fun in Brugge, your “Photographer on the Loose” Andy.

He loves his job: Loving everything in photography.


Open or Private photo tour?

All our daily photo tours (except the night tour) are offered as either an open tour or private tour.
See below for the differences between the two, for groups or any questions please contact us.

Daily Open Photo Tours

Open group tours offer a great way to connect to Brugge for photos & maybe a new photo friend.

60€ per photographer

  • 2hr open tour based on on tour chosen.
  • Fixed start time from the meeting point.
  • Brugge map & tips & photo goodies.
  • -10% off and of Andy’s photo books & prints.
  • +1 “non camera friend” joins for free (?).
  • Max. 4 photographers per open tour.

Open tours are rarely full (even pre-2020) so maaaaaybe you’ll have us to yourself! 

Daily Private Photo Tours

Private tours are a fully focused view of Brugge & our time together with the cameras. (more info).

220€ per private tour

  • 3hr private tour on route or as you prefer.
  • Flexible start: Usual time or when it suits you.
  • Flexible meeting: Our usual spot or wherever.
  • Full choice/balance of learning vs. locations.
  • Deluxe Brugge map & tips & photo goodies.
  • Gift photo of Brugge (20x30cm) by your guide Andy.
  • Includes 4 guests of your choice, more on request.

Available in English, French of Flemish/Dutch on request

October to April : Available only as Private tour or see Hidden Brugge at 1pm

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is a “photo tour”?

A photo tour (as we offer it) is a city tour with a strong focus on photography, both in seeing the city through the a photographer’s perspective as well as improved results in the photos you’ll take.

On Photo Tour Brugge & with your guide Andy, we offer sample photos on location as well as photo advice tailored to your specific skill and interest.

Basically, Part city tour, part workshop… With of course a portrait option (here) since Andy loves such things too. 😉

2. What kind of camera/experience do I need to bring?

Any camera from your smartphone or compact to DSLR/mirrorless to medium and large format is quite suitable for this tour.

(As your guide Andy says: “It’s not the car, it’s the driver that counts.”)

Whether you’re beginner or intermediate or pro (or even just looking for a unique tour experience), we’ll happily offer optional technical & creative advice as well as sample photos on location to help improve your photography both in Brugge & beyond.

3. What’s your cancellation policy (especially in rain)?

Our full refund policy is via this link but here’s the short version:

Open tours are 50% refundable up to 1 week beforehand, private tours up to 3 days beforehand minus the 75€ deposit. Overall, we’re also flexible and sympathetic as possible if something unexpected comes up.

In case of rain: We push on in very light drizzle (and offer you a free camera cover to help), in case of heavy or dangerous rain we will usually offer rescheduling or you can cancel for a 50% refund until 1hr before the tour starts.

See our full cancellation policy here.

4. Can I bring my friend/partner/child along? (+1 non camera friend)

Each tour guest on open and private tours may bring one additional “+1 non camera friend” at no extra charge.

That guest may take absolutely no photos during the tour (including on the smartphone), but is otherwise a welcome to listen in and chat as time permits.

5. How do I book online?

That’s too easy! 🙂 Simply click any of the “book now” buttons (or this link) and you’ll be taken to the booking calendar for both open & private tours.
For private tours you can also click this link to go straight to the private tour booking form.

Matt & Rachel sneak a smooch during an "Save the Day" photoshoot in Bruges Belgium. Photo by Photo Tour Brugge.

Bonus FAQ: Does this mean you don’t offer photo portraits?

We do happily offer photo portraits via this link and next to that: Always happy to take a  photo or two of you on the regular tour option as time permits.

More Questions? Check out the full or


Open & Private Photo tours

10am Edges of Brugge

10am Edges of Brugge

Brugge done right by morning light.


Quiet canals & side streets just off central Brugge, landscapes & calm corners.

1pm: Essential Brugge

1pm: Essential Brugge

Central time of day? Let’s hit the central streets of Brugge!


Central sights & street scenes in the historic core of Brugge.

4pm: Hidden Brugge

4pm: Hidden Brugge

As the light goes long, let’s look into a local Brugge.


The local landscapes and details of the truly hidden Brugge.

Night: Shades of Brugge

Night: Shades of Brugge

See a city lost in time with the lights turned down low.


Night landscapes, Brugge lit up and laying low. Private tour only.