Finding Food in Brugge

Belgium is a country where the national pride is in the stomach. Visitor diets are to be ignored…

Here’s some honest suggestions for a bite to eat, supermarkets to budget local meals to the very finest of fine dining.

Lovingly Local

Spots for a full meal that are nice on the budget and truly local in quality and experience.

Lovingly Local

  • ‘t Goulden Vlies – eccentric decor & delicious meals. Good set menu, choice of meat or fish.
  • Cambrinus – good local food, big portions and many many beers, very central.
  • Cafe Vlissinghe – oldest cafe in Brugge (est 1515), classic character & ambiance. Solid menu.
  • Bistro De Schilder – A la carte or choose a set menu with paired beer. Local & tourist favourite.
  • One Minnewater – Small & cosy place serving tasty and well presented local dishes. Good to reserve!
  • #food – Fully about fresh & bio. Salads, burgers & fresh juices/cocktails. Adventurous with insects…
  • ‘t Nieuw Museum – Watch your steaks being prepared on the open grill, indulgent & extensive beer menu.
  • Lion Belge – Local cuisine & snack spot. Changing menu, big portions & extensive wine list.
  • Ribs & Beer – All you can eat ribs, must try the chef’s sauce & fine grilled fish dishes. Reserve ahead!

Finest of Fine Dining

The very cream of the crop for fine dining in Brugge.

Finest of Fine Dining

  • Park Restaurant – #1 on Tripadvisor, deserves it. French cuisine & superb hosts, epic online meal.
  • Pomperlut – Quirky setting, lively cuisine & atmosphere, “bit of an experience” in a good way.
  • Guillaume – Cozy romantic corner with gourmet French, central location & very well regarded.
  • Rock Fort – Where the cool cuisine kids are, with very good reason. Nice bar!
  • Pepermolen – Small & creative seasonal menu. Market menu is good value.
  • Le Chef et Moi – Classy place with small affordable menu. Local and international dishes.
  • BRUUT – Popular spot for a culinary experience. Original and full eco. Reserve!

Snacks & Light Lunch in Brugge

If you’re into your snacks and light meals, you will definitely not be left wanting in Brugge.

While the tips included are biased only by being handy following the 10am “Edges of Brugge” tour, we’re happy to share this advice towards getting something on the go so you can get back to your photos and enjoying your time in town.

Light Lunch

  • Tatties – Cozy & friendly spot, wide choice of sandwiches & drinks, soups & paninis.
  • Blackbird – Top class cafe lunches, also excellent for breakfast tapas.
  • Cafe Vlissinghe –  Oldest cafe in Brugge with a suberbly solid “pub menu” to fill up on.

Snacks on the Go

Supermarket Souvenirs

If you’re like me on shopping for souvenirs to remember somewhere, you’re probably very interested in what supermarkets can offer for treats to take home. Might even enough to join one of our made-for-all photo tours. 😉

Proper Belgian Beer

Yes, Belgium is the best at beer, shut up if you disagree. 😉 In fact, you can get the nearly all the premium beers in supermarkets at very reasonable prices,

5 brands that are guaranteed to be in a supermarket and will blow you away: Sint Bernardus, Rochefort, Grimbergen, Verboden Vrucht, Chimay.

More on beer? See the beer recommendations.


You can not say “Belgium” without saying “Yummy yummy chocolate!”, and while we’re still working on paving the streets in it… Plenty of options at the supermarket or local corner shop.

Cote D’or & Galler are easiest to find & trusted as delicious. Jacques or Guylaim are trusted backups.

Waffles (pre packed)

Belgian waffles are world famous and not limited to “from the street” options (although fresh is tastiest), feel free to pick up a pack and share with friends back home.

Lotus is a popular brand for good reason, look out for either the plain or chocolate coated options.

Belgian Cookies

Belgian cookies are one of the little secret treats of this land, and only logical after you look the chocolate & waffle situation.

De Stroopere is my fave, then Lotus & Delacre are the tastiest of the tasty, if you don’t see them walk out, you’re not in a place you want to be.