By joining a guided photo tour and/or activity with Photo Tour Brugge, please note that you legally agree to the following terms and conditions:

General Disclaimer

Photo Tour Brugge, its’ owner (Andy McSweeney), staff and/or tour guides offer a guided city tour of Brugge (Bruges) Belgium specifically tailored to photographers of all types and experience.

While we proudly do our best to realize that experience, we cannot be held legally responsible for disruption beyond our control, up to and including: The weather and/or available light; Natural or man-made disasters; Public protests, demonstrations or gatherings; Random crime of any type; Personal or mental injury; Equipment failure of ours or your own; Any other situation reasonably beyond our control as your guiding company.

We reserve the right to refuse admission and/or removal from the tour at our discretion without liability or legal recourse.

Cancellation Policy

By purchasing an “open” photo tour in advance, please note that tickets are partly non-refundable except at our discretion. However, you may freely reschedule or transfer your ticket (up to 24 hours notice required) at no extra charge, . You may refund 50% of your ticket up to 7 days before your tour with notice by email. Of course, if something comes up let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Private Photo Tours (here) include cancellation options on booking, see link for details.

Weather Cancellation/ Indoor Offer

Photo tours operate rain or shine. While we reserve the right to cancel tours in case of extreme or dangerous weather (with 100% refund), by booking a tour you accept that refunds are not offered for poor weather if the tour operates at that time. In such a scenario, we will offer to go to a nearby café/bar and have an indoor photo tour/workshop/chat. Trust us that it works, it does.

Health and Safety

Photo Tour Brugge will take all reasonable care to look after your safety and well-being throughout our time together. However, we cannot be held responsible for any unexpected situations as outlined in “General Disclaimer” above.

We equally cannot be held responsible for your personal physical nor mental health as a result of our time together (dress warm if the weather is not, keep happy thoughts!), and we advise you to take all precautions within relation to your general and momentary health and safety.

In case of emergency, we will assist as much as possible with emergency services notified directly.

Your Private Details

We take the security of your personal data very seriously. We do not knowingly store any personal information beyond essentials to operate the site and/or booking payments, of which any sensitive information is duly deleted or made unavailable as possible.

All our online bookings/reservations are currently managed by Event Espresso & Paypal. Using iframe web code (basically a webpage within a webpage), they collect your details up to and including your payment details, usually handing over to Paypal and/or Visa etc.

While we choose carefully and work closely with our booking and payment services to secure your data, we cannot be held legally responsible for any unfortunate compromising of said personal data.

We will also never share any personally identifiable information of yours with 3rd party vendors, resellers, sponsors, or otherwise without your written consent.

We do like to thank our guests by first names on online social channels occasionally (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc), so we reserve the right to name attendees on a first name basis (and perhaps a link if you’re good) at our discretion. Please tell us on the tour if you want to not be named publicly, no problem.


Website Photo & Text Copyright

All photos and text (unless otherwise expressly stated) are copyright of Andy McSweeney and Photo Tour Brugge, May 2012 onwards. They may be used for non-commercial, attributed use, but are otherwise copyrighted and distinct elements of Photo Tour Brugge B.V.V.. Copyright infringement will be followed up with force, legal brutality if required.

Links & External Websites

We will for reference or information link to exterior websites that are not owned nor operated by Photo Tour Brugge nor any of it’s guides, with the exception of promoting our own work.

Aside from websites we actually have any say whatsoever over, we cannot be held partially or ultimately responsible for any content, opinions, or bad stuff that happens to you. While we check all our links personally to ensure they are of reputable and an unoffensive or innocent nature, we equally cannot accept responsibility for any actions you take or that result from following these links or their associated links/information/software. Be careful what you click on out there, it’s a jungle.

Guest Photos

We like to occasionally feature our guests photos from time spent on our photo tour. We usually recommend sending us a link of photos already online (flickr, smugmug, even facebook), however we will sometimes with written confirmation and attribution host photos sent it. We make absolutely no claim of creation or copyright to these images, and all rights are 100% to the owner as far as we’re concerned, our display use aside.

We’ll look after you. We’ll warn you. We will care.

In the end however, you must look after yourself within reason, and we cannot accept ultimate responsibility unless otherwise stated.