Brugge Landscapes: Unlocked for Light
A Story of Space, Silence & Simplicity


A photo series by Andy McSweeney during the global lockdown in Brugge and beyond in Spring 2020, focusing on a positive perspective.

Looking for light with themes of Space, Silence and Simplicity for this photo collection, Andy offers a view exploring central Brugge without the crowds and going wide to soak in the peace.

Ready to roll around a stunning city gone silent? Here’s how to drink it all in:

3d Gallery Show

Nov. 1st 2020 -> Feb. 1st 2021

Visit the entire photo series in this free 3d gallery and see Brugge gone silent.

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Andy’s Photo Show

A show about the photos

Over the month of November 2020, Andy will discuss the entire process of project (and lockdown) on his weekly Andy’s Photo Show,

Live every Sunday @8pm CET and starting Nov 1st with a full gallery tour & talk, get the full story on these Brugge photos.

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