The Carmersbrug bridge in Bruges Belgium, this take as the main photo for Photo Tour Brugge.

A Guest Said it Best:

“If you’re a novice, Andy will help with technique and technical instruction.”
“If you’re a competent photographer, he’ll take you to a number of out of the way photo sites whilst helping you to broaden and improve your photographic style.”
If you’re a pro, it’s a great way to get taken to new photo opportunities if you are visiting Brugge for the first time, or if you want to get to the sites quickly.”

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Welcome to Photo Tour Brugge!

Est. 2012 and with 1010% Love.

Your photo guide Andy...

Sharing the best Brugge photo locations & advice with care.

Edges of Brugge

Brugge done right by morning light.

Central time of day? Let’s hit the central streets of Brugge!

Essential Brugge

As the light gets long, look into the local Brugge.

Hidden Brugge

See a city lost in time with the lights turned down low.

Shades of Brugge

Matt & Rachel sneak a smooch during an "Save the Day" photoshoot in Bruges Belgium. Photo by Photo Tour Brugge.

Photo Portrait Brugge

Moments to remember: Brugge portraits, proposals, families & more.

Need that extra special sight or light?

Take a look at our Private Photo Tour option!

The best photography locations & advice in Brugge (Bruges) with your local working pro photographer Andy.

Daily open group & private tours, also available for photo portrait sessions.

About Photo Tour Brugge

Andy McSweeney in action as Photo Tour Brugge.

Your photo guide & instructor Andy McSweeney

Photo Tour Brugge offers you a daily photo-focused city walking tour in lovely Brugge (Bruges) Belgium, as seen through the eye of resident travel, people & landscape photographer Andy McSweeney.

Part photography workshop, part unique city tour: This top rated tour combines the very best of each towards getting you the best shot at the best photography spots and locations in Brugge.

Regardless of camera, skill level or style of shooting, every tour offered provides practical photo tips & custom-tailored advice that’ll be of use towards better photos, in Brugge and beyond. Beginner to pro, we’re here to help.

With 4 daily tours to choose from and available as open or private tour (10am1pm4pm8pm), routes planned both for best available light and maximum visual appeal, Andy also freely shares sample photos along with practical and creative tips towards better results.

Inspirational. Optionally educational. Fun.

See Brugge from a fresh perspective!

Latest reviews from Past Guests

This is a „MUST DO" while you are in Bruges!Yesterday I booked the "Hidden Bruges" tour with Andy and was... MORE...

Giu L. Avatar
Giu L.

This is a „MUST DO" while you are in Bruges!
Yesterday I booked the "Hidden Bruges" tour with Andy and was...

Giu L. Avatar
Giu L.

This is a „MUST DO" while you are in Bruges! Yesterday I booked the "Hidden Bruges" tour with Andy and was really excited. We strolled through Bruges off the beaten... MORE...


Very nice guy, when visiting Bruges worth while guided photography tour for starters, professionals or even cellphone photographers.

Kristof M. Avatar
Kristof M.

Available as Open or Private Tour

Available as Private Tour only

We’re here to get you the very best of Brugge, both on camera and otherwise.

While our main focus is obviously on better photography, we also provide some thoughts on the locations we visit.

Expect some historical info to go with the photos, local anecdotes, and honest advice for enjoying Brugge once you put the camera down.

Why go somewhere if it’s just for the photos?

Andy McSweeney – Founder & Lead Photo Guide

The man who started all this photo tour fun in Brugge,
your guide and “Photographer on the Loose” Andy.

He loves his job: Loving everything in photography.