Andy McSweeney is a self-taught professional creative photographer from Montreal Canada, in Brugge since 2002 and 110% of Photo Tour Brugge since 2012.

Away from Montreal since 1994 & seeing many (many!) places before settling in Brugge after marrying the sweetest local lady, he was (and still is) joyously busy discovering: Travel, life, and everything in between.

With a wide focus that travel life and shooting encourages as well as “Photographer on the Loose” status around town and beyond, photography is fuel to Andy’s photo soul: A means of focus to celebrate life with and have memories captured, the camera being a tool and a teacher as well as memory box on top.

(And yes… Paid client contracts is part of his proper photo work. However, he’s not always the best at showing it online beyond Instagram so stay tuned for proper samples.)

With a profound passion for photography and a love for the charm of Brugge, Photo Tour Brugge was created both as a way to embrace photography even further and share with others.

Andy’s Website

“Pointing & Smiling Andy” photo courtesy of Nele Mispelon.

Worldwide Photowalk 2015 Brugge hosted by Andy McSweeney

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