Private Photo Tour

While we offer open group photo tours proven to get you better photography results in Brugge & beyond, sometimes you may want us to yourself for full focus & flexibility.

Photo Tour Brugge
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Offered towards getting the most out of our time together & truly for everyone from casual smartphone to dedicated pro. Choose from one of our hugely popular themes (Edges, Essential, Hidden, Night), or we can build a custom tour around your specific requests and needs.

Photography workshop, tight focus on locations only, or just a “bit of both”… the choice is entirely yours and you’ll even have a copy of your guide Andy’s photo book to remember the time together.

It’s about what excites YOU and your camera in Brugge, let’s get together for some great photos!

A swan cleans on a blue-watered day in a canal, Bruges Belgium. Photo by Photo Tour Brugge

Private Photo Tour in Brugge

For full focus & flexibility...

The Bonaficus bridge (smallest bridge in Bruges Belgium) at sunrise in spring. Photo by Photo Tour Brugge.

Flexible Start Time

Early start or whenever it suits you best

Flexible Meeting Point

Meet at our usual spot on Burg or wherever you like

The Brugse Zot delivery van squeezes in somewhere in Bruges Belgium. Photo by Photo Tour Brugge.

Focus: On What YOU Want

Learning? Locations? A bit of both (maybe with a break)?

For best results, private tour only...

"Shades of Brugge" Night Tour

Since 2012, Your Photo Guide Andy McSweeney

Here to help you get that killer photo, in Brugge and beyond!

Private Photo Tours Include

  • Full Focus: No unknown group, just you and your photo guide Andy.
  • Length of Private Tour: 3 hours (2 hours on open tours).
  • Flexible start time: First light or deep in the dark: No problem.
  •  Choose from the proven routes & times or custom itinerary/theme.
  • Optional hotel pickup (within city ring) or our usual spot.
  • Maximum 4 photographers per tour of your choice.
  •  Free reschedule (as available) up to 1hr before tour.
  • Cancel up to 3 days before = 50% refund.

Recent Guest Reviews

We are so very proud and humbled by our many, MANY positive reviews since opening Photo Tour Brugge in 2012. As you’ll see, we really are a tour for all levels and interest in photography…

Feel free to read what past guests have said below, from most recent Tripadvisor & Facebook reviews to blog articles and more! ?


5 star ratingThis is a „MUST DO" while you are in Bruges! Yesterday I booked the "Hidden Bruges" tour with Andy and was really excited. We strolled through Bruges off the beaten... READ MORE...


Very nice guy, when visiting Bruges worth while guided photography tour for starters, professionals or even cellphone photographers.

Kristof M. Avatar
Kristof M.

Dit was een ongelofelijke ervaring en een echte aanrader, Brugge zien en fotograferen op een andere manier. Behalve fotografie-tricks &... READ MORE...

Evelyne V. Avatar
Evelyne V.

Did the tour with Andy a few years ago and still use the many tips and skills he gave us.... READ MORE...

Tom L. Avatar
Tom L.

4 star ratingAndy is a great guy to plan a photo tour with Unfortunately with the current Covid-19 pandemic I could not go on the photo tour. That is too bad as I... READ MORE...

Richard F.

5 star ratingWhat a great tour Even though I only was "+1" on the hidden Bruges tour, I had a great afternoon. Andy was funny and... READ MORE...


5 star ratingAmazing workshop completely worth the while! If you love photography even just as a complete beginner like me, then this tour is for you. Andy is... READ MORE...


5 star ratingPriceless tour!! My mom and I did the tour together, although she just strolled with us and I did most of the... READ MORE...


5 star ratingInspiring photo tour of Brugge Andy is an inspiration for both the town of Brugge and the art of photography. He was incredibly generous in... READ MORE...


5 star ratingThe Best Last-Minute Decision! Ended up on a solo tour after a last minute phone call, had such a great time! Andy is great... READ MORE...


Andy is absolutely Amazing! He is very knowledgeable about Brugge and also shows you lots of tips and tricks to... READ MORE...

Stephanie R. Avatar
Stephanie R.

5 star ratingAwesome photo tour Andy is amazing! We did the Hidden Brugge tour yesterday and it was absolutely amazing! Andy showed me lots of... READ MORE...


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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is a “photo tour”?

A photo tour (as we offer it) is a city tour with a strong focus on photography, both in seeing the city through the a photographer’s perspective as well as improved results in the photos you’ll take.

On Photo Tour Brugge & with your guide Andy, we offer sample photos on location as well as photo advice tailored to your specific skill and interest.

Basically, Part city tour, part workshop… With of course a portrait option (here) since Andy loves such things too. 😉

2. What kind of camera/experience do I need to bring?

Any camera from your smartphone or compact to DSLR/mirrorless to medium and large format is quite suitable for this tour.

(As your guide Andy says: “It’s not the car, it’s the driver that counts.”)

Whether you’re beginner or intermediate or pro (or even just looking for a unique tour experience), we’ll happily offer optional technical & creative advice as well as sample photos on location to help improve your photography both in Brugge & beyond.

3. What’s your cancellation policy (especially in rain)?

Our full refund policy is via this link but here’s the short version:

Open tours are 50% refundable up to 1 week beforehand, private tours up to 3 days beforehand minus the 75€ deposit. Overall, we’re also flexible and sympathetic as possible if something unexpected comes up.

In case of rain: We push on in very light drizzle (and offer you a free camera cover to help), in case of heavy or dangerous rain we will usually offer rescheduling or you can cancel for a 50% refund until 1hr before the tour starts.

See our full cancellation policy here.

4. Can I bring my friend/partner/child along? (+1 non camera friend)

Each tour guest on open and private tours may bring one additional “+1 non camera friend” at no extra charge.

That guest may take absolutely no photos during the tour (including on the smartphone), but is otherwise a welcome to listen in and chat as time permits.

5. How do I book online?

That’s too easy! 🙂 Simply click any of the “book now” buttons (or this link) and you’ll be taken to the booking calendar for both open & private tours.
For private tours you can also click this link to go straight to the private tour booking form.

Matt & Rachel sneak a smooch during an "Save the Day" photoshoot in Bruges Belgium. Photo by Photo Tour Brugge.

Bonus FAQ: Does this mean you don’t offer photo portraits?

We do happily offer photo portraits via this link and next to that: Always happy to take a  photo or two of you on the regular tour option as time permits.

More Questions? Check out the full all FAQs or Contact us

Book a Private Photo Tour

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Private Photo Tours

Private tours are a fully focused view of Brugge & our time together with the cameras. (more info).

220€ per private tour

Book as Private Photo Tour


    • 3hr private tour on route or as you prefer.
    • Flexible start: Usual time or when it suits you.
    • Flexible meeting: Our usual spot or wherever.
    • Full choice/balance of learning vs. locations.
    • Max. 4 guests of your choice, more on request.
    • Deluxe Brugge map & tips & photo goodies.
    • Gift copy of Andy’s Being in Brugge photo book.

Available in French & Flemish/Dutch on request

220€ per private photo tour

Book a private tour


Includes up to 4 photographers of your choice.

(more than 4? contact us for a quote.)

Free copy of “Being in Brugge” Photo Book!

With every private tour you book, you will also receive a signed softcover edition of your guide Andy’s 58 page photography book “Being in Brugge: Favourites so Far” (25€ value).

Available as Private Photo Tour